Hi everyone and my fellow women, my name is Morn and I am a mother of seven years daughter.     I want to state my story and experience of having the taste of Martha and Marley Spoon, which helps me in spending my time more with my daughter and also give him best healthy food, as per her taste, with an attraction of special deals and discounts on my favorite recipes in the form of Marley Spoon Promo Codes.

I completed my graduation in 2010 and got married to a businessman in 2011.   My husband was a business tycoon at New York and most of the time he was on traveling.   In the early days of our marriage, I enjoyed travelling with him, but later it became a headache and unpleasant situation for me and I start avoiding the foreign trips, as I am getting bored sitting in the hotel room. The next year, we have a beautiful baby girl and I spare my more time with her as compared to her father.

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As she grow up and when she is three, I start thinking that I should do something and I start searching jobs at different companies.  Luckily, I got an offer from a renowned Garments company.  However, when I showed the Offer Letter to my husband and informed him that I will join the office from tomorrow, he suddenly became a very indecent man and clearly told me that I do not need to do a job.  The arguments are soon change into a very strong debate and the issue ended with a separation note.

I started a new life with my daughter and joined the office after one month.  In the morning, I dropped my daughter at a Day Care and brought her back in the evening. We took food from outside, so that I can get some rest and spare time with her.   But later, I understand that this was a mistake made by me of getting food from outside daily.   My daughter is now used to of the junk food and does not like the food made at home on weekends.  Being a single parent, it is very difficult for me to go for dine out on weekends regularly.

On the next day, I discussed the issue with my friend in the office and she advised me to either get a cook at your home and the second option is to get the food from “Martha and Marley Spoon” which are offering special deals and discounts on recipes in the form of Marley Spoon Coupon Codes.

On the next week end, I decided to have an experience of Martha & Marley Spoon and selected my daughters favorite recipe i.e. Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Fries, especially for kids.  The order was delivered with Recipe Card as well.   It took me few minutes to prepare the food and presented to my daughter.   Surprisingly, she looks very happy and enjoy the meal without any hesitation.

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It was good experience and I silently thank my friend and Martha & Marley Spoon for giving me the resolution, which my daughter likes as well.

Now making food at home is not a difficult task as well as my daughter also wants to have Martha & Marley Spoon dishes regularly, as her first choice.


Hi beautiful ladies and girls. My name is Christina Fredrick and I belong to show biz industry and rated as top models. I want to state my story and experience with MyProtein which keeps me a star in the industry and still at the age of 40, I am a top model. All this with the help of MyProtein which also offer 50% Off MyProtein Discount Code.

I am the only daughter of my parents, which is the reason behind all their care and sensitivity for me. I don’t remember if they ever refuse to my any wish and I got whatever I want to. From the early age of childhood, I have a dream of be a star in the showbiz industry.

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On the school functions, I participated in all the dramas and the management has always gave me the front role, as I looked very beautiful and good looking. All the boys in the school called me as Ms. Beautiful and I enjoyed their comments. In the college functions, I was the mandatory part of all the happenings and won so many awards on my acting and appearances.


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Mothers are a special gift of God, and many people say that daughters are closest to their father, and sons are closest to their mother. But I don’t think, so my mother and I are very close she’s my only best friend, and she always treats me like a best friend. Our mothers always take-care of us no matter in what condition she is, the bond we share is the purest bond ever in my life.

She always makes sure we are ok. We had dinner, we are sleeping on time, but when it comes to her, we still lack in taking care of her sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. 

One day we were having our regular day chatting and gossiping with each other, and she was telling me about her friend that she opened her salon in San Bernardino.

She asked me e should surprise her, but I was thinking something more from surprising her. I thought, why not just give it a surprise to my mother and pamper her for the day.

I asked her about the salon, and what services she provides, I was thinking to visit her make let her know about my plans and what I am thinking for my mother. One day my mother was sleeping, and I decided to visit her.

When I entered her salon, I was stunned by seeing the decoration and atmosphere of the salon. Surroundings, the atmosphere matters a lot sometimes people get attracted to the particular thing because of the place. Services are a secondary thing, in my opinion. If the area is neat and clean, the staff is professional automatically services will turn out best.

Timeless Beauty

Moreover, I told her that I am her best friend’s daughter and I wanted to surprise her by giving her salon treatment, and she said makeup and hairstyle in San Bernardino are very famous that why she opened her salon. Anyway, I asked her to let me know all the services she can provide, and she said she has the best hairstylist in her salon.

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Hello dog lovers!!! My name is Joseph Fernandez and I am the proud father of my 10 years old son.  I worked for British Army and out of ten years of my son’s age, I have on posting outside the home for almost seven years.   In between, whenever I come to home, my wife and son took off from office and school and enjoyed my holidays with me. My wife is a school teacher and son is also studying in the same school.   I wish to share my son’s demands and experience my experience with BarkShop with all the fathers who cares for their children’s.  From BarkShop you can get anything you want for your favorite dog with 50% Off on BarkShop Promo Codes.

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Although my son age is ten years, however, he is intelligent enough to take care of his mom and home in my absence and never bothered his mother in my absence.  But he become a 4-5 years kid, whenever I came to home and demands me for everything.   Sometimes, he ask for his younger daughter or brother, so that he can play and take care of him.  We have no answer to his demands, as me and my wife are happy with one kid and planned our family affairs.