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Mothers are a special gift of God, and many people say that daughters are closest to their father, and sons are closest to their mother. But I don’t think, so my mother and I are very close she’s my only best friend, and she always treats me like a best friend. Our mothers always take-care of us no matter in what condition she is, the bond we share is the purest bond ever in my life.

She always makes sure we are ok. We had dinner, we are sleeping on time, but when it comes to her, we still lack in taking care of her sometimes intentionally and sometimes unintentionally. 

One day we were having our regular day chatting and gossiping with each other, and she was telling me about her friend that she opened her salon in San Bernardino.

She asked me e should surprise her, but I was thinking something more from surprising her. I thought, why not just give it a surprise to my mother and pamper her for the day.

I asked her about the salon, and what services she provides, I was thinking to visit her make let her know about my plans and what I am thinking for my mother. One day my mother was sleeping, and I decided to visit her.

When I entered her salon, I was stunned by seeing the decoration and atmosphere of the salon. Surroundings, the atmosphere matters a lot sometimes people get attracted to the particular thing because of the place. Services are a secondary thing, in my opinion. If the area is neat and clean, the staff is professional automatically services will turn out best.

Timeless Beauty

Moreover, I told her that I am her best friend’s daughter and I wanted to surprise her by giving her salon treatment, and she said makeup and hairstyle in San Bernardino are very famous that why she opened her salon. Anyway, I asked her to let me know all the services she can provide, and she said she has the best hairstylist in her salon.

Finally, the day arrived, and I asked my mom to close her eyes until we reach there. And she was curious to know, but the surprise is surprising. We reach there, and she was mesmerized after seeing her best friend, but she had no clue what we were doing there.

I broke the ice and told her that today is her day and she will get all the special treatment she deserves. Taking out for dinner, giving gifts was so mainstream, and I was very much aware that my mother loves makeup.

I asked her to dye her hair; she was not ready to dye her hair, but I managed to convince her. Her hair color was naturally blonde, so we wanted something like dark brown or jet black but ended up finalizing dark brown.

She really did a fantastic job, and not just because she was my mother’s best friend, she gave extra attention to her, she as providing regular care to her each client.

I was happy to see my mother smile, and the hair color turned out very well. She was satisfied, and I must say her salon is the best in makeup and hairstyle in San Bernardino.

If you want the best salon service, you should visit. My mother’s friend is exceptionally well in her business.

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