Hello dog lovers!!! My name is Joseph Fernandez and I am the proud father of my 10 years old son.  I worked for British Army and out of ten years of my son’s age, I have on posting outside the home for almost seven years.   In between, whenever I come to home, my wife and son took off from office and school and enjoyed my holidays with me. My wife is a school teacher and son is also studying in the same school.   I wish to share my son’s demands and experience my experience with BarkShop with all the fathers who cares for their children’s.  From BarkShop you can get anything you want for your favorite dog with 50% Off on BarkShop Promo Codes.

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Although my son age is ten years, however, he is intelligent enough to take care of his mom and home in my absence and never bothered his mother in my absence.  But he become a 4-5 years kid, whenever I came to home and demands me for everything.   Sometimes, he ask for his younger daughter or brother, so that he can play and take care of him.  We have no answer to his demands, as me and my wife are happy with one kid and planned our family affairs.

When I resumed my Army Unit after fifteen days holidays, I discussed the loneliness of my son with my friends and they start teasing me for another baby.  However, when they observe my seriousness, one of my colleague gave me an excellent idea.  He suggest me to have a dog at your home which will keep my son busy and caring.  The idea was great and I have announced in my social circle, if any of them is intersted to sell their dog and I got the response in just two days.  One of my colleagues friend wants his dog to give to anyone who take care of him.   I talked to him and promised him that I will take the dog in the next holiday break.

After one month, when I took a week off, I took the strong bull dog and push the door bell.  My son has opened and gate and surprisingly hug the dog instead of me.  The idea worked and I was so happy to see the response of my son.  However, I have no idea that I got the dog without having any idea of his meals and basic requirements.  I immediately called the dogs owner and ask him about the basic needs of the dog.   He advise me to contact “BarkShop” where I can get everything and proper advise for my dog.

Surprisingly, my son has a detailed knowledge about the dogs. He told me that bulldog is also known as English or British Bulldog.  The life of the bulldog is approx 8 to 10 years. He also told me that we have to visit he BarkShop for his new friend.

We went to the Barkshop and it was a pleasure watching the variety of toys, treats, chews and accessories for our bulldog. My son has selected his favorite toys, treats, Chews and a BarkBox and hugh me after three hours of my entrance at my home. 

My son is very excited and happy with the bulldog as he gets a partner at home.  The dog is also very friendly and plays with my son and Barkshop Accessories.  Thankfully, it all happened because of my friends favor and BarkShop.

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